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Kudu Antelope Safari Tours in Tanzania

Incredible African safari in Tanzania. Amazing wildlife sanctuaries, secrets of the savannah, mesmerizing beauty of the pristine nature. The Lost World at its wildest to be explored in East Africa.
Kudu Safari Tours with Altezza Travel Tanzania is rich in exotic species but Kudus are no doubt the most numerous and curious kind to explore in the wildland. Male kudus can rarely be seen with females, except for the mating season, when their horns grow bigger to attract attention. It is common for the males to compete for a female and it happens often that the two males cannot unlock the horns, and they can die of hunger and dehydration.

Kudus also have interesting habits when it comes to taking care of the calves, which are hidden by their mothers at birth and only occasionally visited for nursing. They grow very quickly and join the herds when about 6 months old.

Kudus hide behind thickets for protection and therefore they can hardly be seen in the wild, but our conversant wildlife gu…

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