Serval Safari Tours

Serval Safari Tours in Tanzania

Your dreams of Africa can become a reality in Tanzania. Explore Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World on the black continent. Dazzling safari tours in Tanzania are waiting for you.

Wild Adventures & Serval Safari

One of the most sophisticated predators of the wilderness, servals have a large population in Tanzania. These graceful carnivorous cats leave no chances of survival to rodents, reptiles, small birds and frogs. Quick, aggressive and voracious they have the highest hunting success rate and are thus the most feared beasts in the savannah.

Servals prefer to live around lakes and wetlands to have more preys in the target.They have many other interesting habits which you can follow during a serval safari trip.

Our expert wildlife guides will take you to the habitat of servals where you can set your eyes on these wild animals and get charged with a good portion of adrenaline. Altezza Travel is thus a top choice for an insightful and hot serval safari trip. Make sure you have enough memory in your camera.



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