Hyena Safari Trips in Tanzania

Hyena safari in Tanzania

The professional prowess of Altezza Travel based in Tanzania ensures enriched safari experience. The imposing impressions of the scenery of Serengeti National Park, and luxuriant growth of the renowned baobab tree and exotic Tanzania safari animals adorn Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks.

Amazing hyena safari in Tanzania jungles

Currently, hyenas are on the brink of extinction; and as well listed as one of the endangered species in Africa. As matter of fact, striped hyenas are exceptional for their ferocious clashes with lions, while others hyenas are rather advanced and masterly hunters.

In a typical hyena safari tour with Altezza Travel, you may possibly catch a rare delightful sight of a chasing scene of a herd of antelopes and zebras, which is something remarkable to behold that our professional wildlife guides guarantees every tourist.

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