Marabou Safari Tours

Marabou safari in Tanzania

Delight in the picturesque scenery of the famous National Reserves of Tanzania. Feel the power of  Wild Nature and explore the flora and fauna of magical Africa with safari company in Tanzania -  Altezza Travel. Ngorongoro Crater, savannahs of mesmerizing Serengeti, Tarangire river are waiting for you to discover their greatness.

Fascinating Marabou Safari Adventures in East Africa

Marabou is a bird from the stork family, it is its largest representative. Inhabitant of savannas and other open areas. Typical scavenger. Marabou belongs to the category of socialized birds, which settle in rather large colonies and are not at all afraid of being located near people.

Our wildlife professionals know almost everything about the specificities in the habits of these unique creatures. On your Marabou safari, they will take you to all the hidden areas where the big birds live, sharing their vast knowledge about the behaviour of Marabous.



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